Beginning in 2018, Specialized Billing is preparing cost reports in multiple states, in addition to Texas. Visit our Resources page for more information.
During FFY 2016, Specialized Billing Secured Nearly $1,020.00 Per Transport for Their Clientele  

Cost Report Preparing Services

We will work with you in determining which costs may be reimbursable through a supplemental payment program in your state. Utilizing years of expertise and reporting tools unique to Specialized Billing, we have been able to provide our clients with maximum cost report settlements that comply with all Federal and State reporting requirements.
Provider Application Assistance

Most states require governmental ambulance providers to submit a written request for a supplemental payment to the respective state agency. The applications generally consist of numerous requirements, such as an annualized estimated fiscal impact determination, organizational charts, and defined cost allocation methodology. Specialized Billing will assist you in submitting an application that provides your state with the most accurate information needed for a quick approval. 

If you're not sure as to whether or not you're a qualifying provider, please contact us and we'll assist you with your determination.